Nourish your body, with foods that have light and life within them.

Did you know that all living things emit a light signature? Humans, animals, fish, insects, plants and bacteria all glow with the light of life. This light that we emit is created by the functioning of our cells, intracellular communication, movement and simply being alive which causes us to give off a gentle but incredible glow that is symbolic of the life that radiates from within us. We are all filled with this light, and when we make our exit from this planet and our bodies, that light goes out. 

If all living beings are made of energy and light, then wouldn't it seem logical that in order to fuel our bodies which are made of energy and light, the best fuel for it would be food that still carries that same light and is alive with nourishment? 

Have you ever noticed how if you leave an onion, potato, or sweet potato in your cupboard for too long it starts to grow roots, leaves and gets ready to become a new plant? If you simply take that vegetable, plant it in some soil and water it, it will continue to grow and before you know it you will have more potatoes to eat. INCREDIBLE.

One of life's many wonders, which fascinates me immensely is that plants, even when they are picked from the tree, root or stem from which they have grown continue to emit this light, they are still vibrating with energy, nourishment and life. Regardless of their removal from the parent plant or tree they still continue to emit light and energy. Some plants grow new roots from their form, others have their outer shells rot and peel away but the seeds within them still contain life and if given the chance to be near soil and water they will simply start to grow a new version of themselves, or many versions of themselves in the case of plants with seeds. 

Plants are filled with light, life-force and energy which makes them the ideal fuel source for our bodies. Not only are they filled with all of the magic which comes from the nutrients in the Earth and the endless spectrum of goodness from the sun, they are also filled with fibre, protein, complex carbohydrates, good fats, micronutrients, antioxidants. The list and goes on and on. 

I personally follow the PBLF (Plant Based Low Fat) way of eating. Throughout my life and my training I have tried every conceivable way of eating. I was raised a vegetarian for 16 years, then I started eating white meat only, then red meat, then I tried Paleo, Zone, and the mediterranean diet. Eventually after much research I switched to be 100% plant based, I can honestly say I have never felt better. 

Eating a plant based low fat diet has tremendous benefits. I will list a few of them below and will have additional blog posts to tackle these one by one.

- A Plant Based lifestyle is anti-inflammatory. It reduces overall inflammation in the body which means we feel less bloated, our joints stop hurting, less muscle pain, better sleep, faster recovery from exercise and more energy overall.

- The micronutrients and antioxidants in plants are the cleaners of the body. They sweep through the body and clean out arteries, plaque in cells, gut and arterial walls. The fibre in fruits and vegetables clean out the colon and they aid our body in producing a healthy gut biome (one of the biggest determining factors in health or disease)

- Plants are a clean source of food. They are easy on the environment, they cost far less to produce, require a fraction of the water of meat and they are not laden with saturated animal fats, hormones and antibiotics. 

- Plants are naturally low in fat, but the fat they do have is good fat and essential for the functioning of our cells. If you simply ate a diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts you would get more than enough fat for healthy body function and your overall body composition would be that of a fit and healthy individual. 

- Plants are packed with vitamins, minerals, complex carbohydrates (our body's preferred source of fuel), good fats and all the protein we could possibly need. Did you know that 100grams of Red Kidney beans has the same amount of protein as 100grams of steak, except it has 10 times the fibre, none of the cholesterol or saturated animal fats and none of the nasties like hormones, antibiotics or traces of GMO feed.

Where do you start?

I would start simply by introducing more whole foods into your diets, more fruits and veggies and try reducing your consumption of animal products. You can switch dairy for nut milk alternatives, try tofu or tempeh instead of meat or simply up the beans. Trust me, your body will thank you. 

If you have any questions feel free to reach out.

Much Love,